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Date: 01/14/06 08:42:46
Subject: Frank Hodson 1878-1955
I am the grandson of Frank HODSON one of 6 to his marriage to Nelly White his second wife. He had three children to Nelly, Frank who was killed in in a motor bike accident at the age of 25 and is buried at Leamington Hastings in Warwickshire (with his mother Nelly ) Barbara who has four children and who sadly died in the 1970s and Peggy, my mother, who is still with us and living in Surrey.
Sad to say Frank was not the most worthy member of the family abandoning my grandmother with 7 Children.  Until today I have not been able to find a likeness of him or much information of my maternal line.
your web site is most informative and helps with my search for information on both the Hodson/Marshal line and the White line which was my Grandmothers.
edward hancock
Date: 02/28/05 13:26:58
Subject: FW Hodson
Dear Mr Hodson,
In researching the early membership list of Longcliffe Golf Club I note in
founders year 1906 the following became members.
Mr FW Hodson,Mrs FW Hodson, Mr W Hodson, Miss Lucy Hodson & Miss ?? Hodson.
Are you able from your records to determine whether these are members of
your family ?  I see on your website that FW Hodson the son of George Hodson
was a benefactor of the Endowed Schools - I wonder could this be the same
Any information you could supply would be most appreciated. Many thanks.
Edward Hancock.
Mr. Hancock
It's quite possible that the Hodson family  members were members of the Longcliffe Golf Club. Most of my ancestors were from the Loughborough area and hence could very well have been members. FW Hodson was the son of George Hodson and his wife Lucy and had a daughter Miss Lucy Hodson as well as a daughter Miss Florence (Florrie Hodson) so you see it fits quite nicely. They were a family of means so would most likely be members of "The Club".
Thanks for taking the time to  contact me. It is a very interesting and enlightening piece of information.
Fred Hodson
Date: 01/16/05 12:20:09
Subject: Re: Stenson TURNER
Hi Fred
Thanks for this information.
I think Lucy matrried John  Stenson Turner, born in Coalville in 1871.  I have his wife's name a Lucy, but I don't know where I got that information.  It must have been given to me by a cousin I have been in touch with.  I  have no record of any children, yet think there might have been.
Are you interested in the ancestors of John Stenson Turner?
Date: 01/16/05 10:46:08
Subject: Re: Stenson TURNER
Hi Fred
Thanks for your reply.
I have a John Stenson Turner, born 1871 in Coalville Leicestershire.  His parents were William Turner and had siblings William Jepson Turner and Caroline Ellen Turner.
I also have a Jessett Stenson Turner, born 1887 in London.  His parents were John Stenson Turner (born 1837)  and Emma Elizabeth Bassett Jessett and had a sister Eva Mary Turner.
Either one of these could be your Stenson Turner.
Where were Lucy Ellen Hodson and Stenson Turner married?  Where was Lucy Ellen born?
Date: 01/15/05 20:07:31
Subject: Stenson TURNER
I have just seen on your web page that Lucy Ethel Hodson married Stenson Turner in 1917.  Can you tell me anything more about Stenson Turner - date of birth, parents, death, etc?  I am sure that he is part of my family and just need a bit more to tie him in properly.
Vern Prescott
Chatham, Ontario
From: sbhodson
Date: 12/10/04 17:40:36
Subject: me too

HI Fred,
I really enjoyed reading your write up on your Dad. I hope you won't mind, but I wouldn't mind doing more on my Dad, I like the way you included the sound of the oboe, I might even be able to find a sound of my dad at work. lol Anyway, I will be going through some more pictures and if I can find some of when we went on holiday's, it could make things show how he like to camp and  travel, by car, or camper. I'll let you know, but if it's to difficult to add on then let me know and I'll leave things as they are.

Date: 12/09/04 11:30:07
Subject: Hodson Family Web Site
I just discovered this site and I'm quite glad to have found it.  My name is
Michael (Mike) Hodson, son of Dale (Hodson) Burnett, daughter of Alice &
Robert L. (Buster) Hodson.  I'm a bit of an odd case because I carry my
mother's maiden name rather than my Father's name (Cowan).
After my Grandmother Alice passed away last year, I purchased the house that
she had lived in for almost 50 years.  I have a box of old slides that might
contain some photos that would go nicely with this web site of yours. I see
that my aunt Diane has posted in your guest book about some photos that my
aunt Donna might have to share.



Date: 05/21/04 02:03:56
Subject: Re: Hodson/Marshall
There is an addition to your family tree with the sad news that my Uncle Bill (White) died on Wednesday morning, 19th May. He had had Leukaemia for about 10 years but worsened after Easter.
My mother is now the only one of that generation.
More in time,
Date: 05/17/04 05:49:38
Subject: Re: Hodson/Marshall
Hi Fred,
Good to hear from you. Not only have I read the diary, I actually have it in my possession and have done a full transcription in a computer file. I have sent copies to Uncle Bill, my mother and to Bill and Ardyth. Many years ago Florence took a photocopy as she had an idea to get it published, but I think she did not manage that.
In 1998 My husband David and I flew in our twin Commanche to Vanvouver Island. On the way back we stopped in Saskatoon. hired a car and drove to Watrous and Simpson. We saw the grain elevator that my grandfather built and enough to imagine what the townships were like when they were there. There has not been a huge amount of development since! I have not as yet been able to identify exactly where they lived - but I hope to, one day.
Please keep me informed as to your progress. I have extremely fond memories of my granny who made dolls clothes for me and told stories about life in Canada when I was ill. I am keen therefore to discover more. My mother is also working on ths, so that her memories are preserved for future generations.
Regards to a new-to-me relative,
Date: 04/21/04 15:38:47
Subject: Uncle Buster and Auntie Alices Birthdates and Deceased Dates
Hi again - told you I'd contact you again soon.  Is this soon enough?
Our Dad - Robert L. Hodson (Buster)
               Born September 25, 1912    Deceased May 16, 1975
Our Mom - Alice Christina Williams
                Born February 19, 1919     Deceased August 25, 2003
Just spoke to Donna on the phone - she has some old pictures which she will send to your website - Hughie (her husband) will have to help her, as she really isn't into computers.
Hopefully you'll receive them soon.
I am going to get together with Donna soon and go through all the pictures.  I don't know how much info you want about our family, so let me know.
Ciao for now
Diane Charchun
Date: 04/20/04 22:18:46
Subject: family web site
Hi recieved your web page and Ed and I have looked at it you have done a great job we will think about some of your questions and add to it when we get time . We'll let Ed's mom look at it and she might  know some one also.
as ever
Date: 04/20/04 15:24:43
Subject: re: Web Site
Dear Cuz: The first bit I have found which needs to be fixed is where grandma Hodson died. She had been living with us for a long time and had not been able  to get out of her bed for many months. She and I shared a room and there is where she passed away. I slept through the whole ordeal, my mother gratefully reported. Next time we talk I will give you the story as remembered by a seven year-old.
Date: 04/17/04 19:19:54
Subject: Good work....
Hi Fred and Arlette,
I hope things are going well with you and yours. I got your letter and had a quick look at your web site, boy you sure have your work cut out for you! When Mom passed away and I'll get those dates for you, the same with Dad, Wendy sorted a bunch of pictures. All are old and I don't think I know half the people in them, but I'm sure some one will remember them. If you like and I get the time, I'll scan them and send them to you, or would you rather have the pictures and scan them yourself? I would think you have things set on your scanner so all the pictures come out close to the same size and anyone sending something on their own, might end up with you having huge pictures or one's you can't see?
I could do a little thing about Wendy to add to our part of the clan, if that is what your looking for. Wendy's oldest girl, Kathy has a new baby and Lance and Cindy had a fresh one on January 3 of this year. Did I get to be a Granddad before you?
Date: 04/13/04 06:38:22
Subject: RE: Hodson Family web site.
Nice job Fred.




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