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James Herbert Hodson


Born - July 11th 1877


Died - 1957 Edmonton AB

Kate Marshall


Born - Sept. 22, 1878


Died - 1941 Wetaskiwin AB


Letter from Sally (Marshall) White,

March 8th, 1917

The Golf Club, Horusea


Letter to Sister Sally June 10th, 1923

(The letterhead said

J.H. Hodson & Sons   Nanpanton Farm    

Long English Berkshire Hogs     Wetaskiwin

Mammoth Bronze Turkeys      Alberta)               



James F. (Jim)

George William (Bill)

John (Jack)

Baby Richard (Dick)

Edward (Ted)


Robert L. (Buster)

Fred C.


Jack, Jim, Bill  1904 in England


Fred, Robert(Buster), Kathleen(Girlie) 1920

Stanley 1928

July 14/10, Thursday

Sally Marshall's Diary


Have had a look around the house today & like it very much. It is built of wood & painted white, has a drawing room on the front, dining room at back, nice hall down side leading to kitchen & small scullery, stairs lead out of the hall, one bedroom & a sitting room. On front upstairs long landing & two bedrooms & bathroom at back, all good big rooms & each bedroom has a built in wardrobe, plenty of windows, & all fitted with fine wire screens to keep out flies and dust, also doors. In fact it's a real dandy house, but it should be as it is $30 a month. Underneath is a good big basement (cellar) with hot and cold water & every convenience for washing, coal place, & heating apparatus, which in winter heats every room. The floors are all either painted or stained. The walls distempered & fitted with picture rails. Steps lead on to the verandah & to the front door, there is a verandah on a level with bedrooms both front & back. Everything is made of wood even the sidewalk in the street & the road is not paved & grass grows each side. At the back we have a splendid view, over a valley on to some hills beyond & at the bottom of the garden is the river Saskatchewan, wide and full of fish & gold. Kate only move in this house last Friday so she has not quite straight yet. My head got so dirty traveling I have been spring cleaning it tonight & should so much have liked one of Mrs. Fields Shampoos. There's a dog barking somewhere down in the valley, not far away & I wish it had a hot potato in its throat. Will turn in now, so Goodnight.



The House on Jasper Avenue - 1910


by George Norman Hodson


James emigrated to Canada and lived in Edmonton, Alberta. Turned up in Loughborough in 1945 when, as a Canadian Government Officer, he was supervising the voting of soldiers stationed in England for a Canadian Parliamentary Election.


Some years later, when on a business trip through Canada, I happened to get stuck in Edmonton Airport for an hour or two , I looked in their telephone directory, and found a number of Hodson's so perhaps there is a branch of the Loughborough Hodson's there.

James Herbert Hodson 1914



James Herbert 1955, Edmonton 






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