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George Albert (Bob) Hodson


Born - January 10th 1875


Died - April 22nd 1938


Married Dinah Porter, daughter of William and Dinah Porter of Dishley Grange, near Loughborough. The Porters were a substantial farming family.


Had two children;


Mabel Dinah (Trevor Jones)


George Norman (Jean Bell Tause).


George Albert always known as Bob to distinguish him from father George, went, after education at Loughborough Grammar School, into the family brick business then known by the long name of The Hathern Station Brick and Terracotta Co. (a name that I later shortened to Hathernware Ltd.)


On the death of his uncle James he became it's Manager in 1897 and in charge until his death 41 years later.


During his time the works developed into one of the leading makers of Architectual Terracotta as a facing material for large buildings to which, in the first world war, was added, the making of large containers in a dense acid proof clay body called chemical stoneware and used in the making of gun cotton. Before the war these containers were made only in Germany and imported from there, so their manufacture in England became a vital part of the war effort.


Bob also took a great interest in both local and industry affairs. He served his time as President of the British Ceramic Society then the leading scientific organization of the clay industry from cups and saucers to bricks.


He took part in many of their visits both to the USA and continental countries of Europe. Fortunately for me, I got taken along to these visits.


Written in 1982 by

son George Norman Hodson


George Albert became the Chairman and Managing Director of Hathern following his father's death in 1907 and held this position until his death.






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