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Florence May(Florrie) Hodson


Born - May 12th 1873


Died in the 1930's


Married Frederick William Pare in 1897


Had 4 children, 


Erica organized the affairs of the famous Dean of York, Milner White.

(In 1941, Eric Milner-White was called to York to act as dean and remained there until his death in 1963. During that period, he was responsible for replacing a high proportion of the windows in York Minster, an act that eventually garnered him the award of Commander of the British Empire. His liturgical and devotional interests were made manifest in numerous printed works, including 'My God My Glory' (1954) and in his service on several national committees. His interest in stained glass and other forms of art led to his appointment to the Advisory Council of the Victoria and Albert Museum between 1944 and 1959 .)


Clive Frederick becoming Headmaster of the Choir School of Canterbury Cathedral

(The Clive Frederick Pare Memorial Fund,Fund was established in 1978 in memory of Clive Frederick Pare, a much loved Headmaster of the Cathedral Choir School, Canterbury from 1937 to September 1963 when he was appointed a
Canon of Gloucester Cathedral until his death in 1973. The Fund's governing instrument is a Trust Deed dated 18 March 1981 and it is registered with the Charity Commission with No. 282317.)


Philip the Provost of Wakefield.


David was an Art Historian.


I have no record of dates but Philip was about my age and we played together as children. At the time of my note to David in 1983 he was the only one of the family still alive. I have not heard from him recently so I do not know if he is still alive.


by George Norman Hodson

Florence May Hodson 1898 ?






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